Let's celebrate "Shochu Day" with groovy live Jazz


Let's enjoy Shochu with groovy live Jazz !!

For a long time, Shochu has been an bit "outsider" behind internationally know "Sake," in spite of its long history as a traditional national beverage of Japan.
Shochu is still a mystery for many foreigners.
How is it different from Sake?
How do people drink Shochu in Japan?
What do they use to produce Shochu?

Such an era is over now, and a new era for Shochu is about to begin.
Many top bartenders and mixologists of prestigious bars begun to be interested in this new mysterious but attractive beverage, and there has been some very interesting and positive trial to make use of it taking place.

Unlike other distilled beverages, shochu is distilled basically only once by a potstil mill, which means there are lots of flavors of the ingredients remain in it. You can enjoy the aroma of more than 50 ingredients which are allowed to make shochu including sweet potato, rice, barley, brown suger, etc.
You can find various botanical flavors in it.
Some of them are matured in a oak cask to have roasty and knutty flavor.
Awamori from Okinawa has a very special vanilla like flavor after long time of maturation.

Come and join us to celebrate International Shochu Day with groovy jazz.
You can enjoy tasting more than 30 items of shochu of various kind.
Light meal will be served with shochu.

Don't miss the chance.

YoYo the "Pianoman" (Keyboard)
Lyricist, Composer, and Arranger.
Started his piano lesson from 4.
After studying at Berklee College of Music, made a major debut as SOFFet in 2003.
Alongside with his performance as a professional artist, he has composed music, wrote lyrics, did arrangement and sound produce for many famous artist such as SMAP and CHEMISTRY.
Made a live debut as a pianist YoYo the "Pianoman" in 2012.
HP: https://soffet.info/

Yoshihisa Suzuki (Guitar)
Jazz guitarist, Composer
Participated in numbers of music production as a composer.
The soundtrack "Unjamarammy" had won a "Original Music Composition Award" of "Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences" in 1999.
Has been playing with various musicians as contemporary style jazz guitarist.

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Fri Nov 1, 2019
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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港区西新橋1丁目6−15 日本酒造虎ノ門ビル 1F Japan

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